July 4th - STS Championship - Part I

Something good about Bournemouth is that the meeting point (The Square) is 1 minute from all the shops McDonalds, the beach and all the buses. It's amazing to not have to take the bus to go anywhere. And after the lessons, our leader Eric, said that we could to go free for some shopping! Some stores we went to for sure was Primark, New Look, River Island, Top Shop, Zara and even H&M (they had stuff Sweden didn't even have! And cheaper!!!). I swear I bought clothes for at least £40 in those two hours before we went home. I haven't mentioned that I had the best host family ever. I miss them so much, their sense of humour and they were just so nice and wanted me to follow them to the store for grocery shopping or just sit down to have tea and talk. They were amazing, and so were my room mates!
In the evening we had this huge championship were all the students ganged up as a team, representing the motherland. We had one of each country (Denmark, Noway, Spain and Italy) except for Sweden. We were so many we had to have FOUR teams. But that didn't mean we'd win, hahaha! Here's the first part of the championship, the preparations! xx

July 3rd - Sportsday

This Wednesday started off at school for three hours then me and my friends went to Tesco to buy a quick lunch before the Oceanarium. (Tesco have the cheapest food ever, awesome lunch offers of fruit salads, sandwiches, pasta salads, meat pasties and chicken snacks. And of course Lay's potatochips and candy bars. I really miss Tesco now when I'm in Sweden again.) The Oceanarium reminds me of Kolmården or Ölands Djurpark, except they only had fishes and other sea creatures. It was awesome, something different.
In the evening we had a Sportsday. We played crab soccer, a blind folded game and fooled around in the water. After this we bounded a lot more with the Spanish and Italian students. x


July 2nd - Poole & Party

After school we took the bus to Poole's big shopping centre for some shopping, drinking coffee, and, for me, search after more CD's to buy at HMV. Music is incredibly cheap in the UK compared to Sweden. One of the CD's I bought costs around 300 SEK (£28) in Sweden, but in England I got it for £6 (70 SEK). You bet I bought a lot of CD's in the UK... 12 CD's actually. 
When we came back to Bournemouth again, we prepared ourselves for the student party at Halo. There was two clubs we went to every week, and it was Halo and Cameo. Cameo was the best and I learned very quickly that you SHOULD NOT wear jeans on these clubs. It was so hot, it's literally insane how sweaty I was after all dancing and jumping. After the party me and some friends went to Subway for a late night sandwich. x

July 1st - STS Crazy Games

After a day with lessons at Day's Hotel and two games at Laserquest we ended the first Monday with something called "STS Crazy Games". And yes, they were pretty crazy. The weather was amazing so far. People are talking so much about a rainy Britain, but the only times it rained were early in the morning at 7-8 AM, so when the lessons were over it was sunshine and super hot! And from the classroom you could see a big pool outside, we often talked about skipping the lesson, run out and jump into the pool because of the heat, haha. I kinda regret I didn't do it. x

June 30th - Visiting Bath

On this beautiful Sunday we went to Bath, but I didn't quite enjoy the trip since I didn't feel good at all. I ended up taking a break, from the heat and walking, on Starbucks while the others explored Bath. It's a really beautiful town and it's nearly as if it was built over the water. x Instagram:

June 29th - BBQ

I wouldn't call it a "BBQ at the Beach", I'd call it "Eating Marshmallows in the Sun Set". x Instagram:

June 28th - Sandcastles

This friday we had our first lessons with the teachers Mo, Christian and Robie. And the evening was all about the sandcastle-competition we had down at the beach. It was really nice to get to know the other people a bit more! x

June 26th - First day in Bournemouth

We arrived to King's Park in Bournemouth at 8 AM after the long bus trip from Paris. At King's Park we met our host families and followed them back to their home. I can say that I had the best host family in the world and my four room mates were awesome. We lived in a cute typical British house in a typical British neighbourhood, and I loved it. It felt so right, somehow. Now when I look back, I miss it so much. x

June 25th - Last day in Paris

The third and last day in Paris starts off with shopping and walking around in central Paris, then meet-up with the rest of the STS students and we all go to Hard Rock Café for a big dinner before we take the 8-hour-bus to England to meet our host families. The bus trip takes all night and in the middle of the night we have to go through a security check before entering the United Kingdom. And stupid as I am, I forgot my passport in the bag in the bus's trunk, so I had to pack everything up like crazy and search for it. Always have the passport with you, otherwise you'll be the last through the security checks, haha. x

June 24th - Disneyland

I didn't bring the camera with me to Dineyland because I was afraid to lose it or break it. But I did have my phone with me, so I have some pictures which I put up on my Instagram! x

June 23rd - Arriving to Paris

The first day of our trip was to Paris in France, even though the whole trip is about going to England to study English, the culture and meet new people. I guess the three days in France was for us to get to know each other. I liked it, I've never been to France before and it was really special. The French men and women are very close to their culture and language - speaking English wasn't very popular and I barely know any French. All I could say was "Je ne parle pas français" which means "I don't speak French", practical, but for no use really. Here are the pictures from our first day together! x
And here's some pictures from my Instagram:

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