July 4th - STS Championship - Part I

Something good about Bournemouth is that the meeting point (The Square) is 1 minute from all the shops McDonalds, the beach and all the buses. It's amazing to not have to take the bus to go anywhere. And after the lessons, our leader Eric, said that we could to go free for some shopping! Some stores we went to for sure was Primark, New Look, River Island, Top Shop, Zara and even H&M (they had stuff Sweden didn't even have! And cheaper!!!). I swear I bought clothes for at least £40 in those two hours before we went home. I haven't mentioned that I had the best host family ever. I miss them so much, their sense of humour and they were just so nice and wanted me to follow them to the store for grocery shopping or just sit down to have tea and talk. They were amazing, and so were my room mates!
In the evening we had this huge championship were all the students ganged up as a team, representing the motherland. We had one of each country (Denmark, Noway, Spain and Italy) except for Sweden. We were so many we had to have FOUR teams. But that didn't mean we'd win, hahaha! Here's the first part of the championship, the preparations! xx

Tema Nostalgi gjort av Mimmi Thorneus